Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little gems

Since arriving in Austin I've been exposed to a lot of really neat things and thought I would pass along a few in particular that make my heart happy.

Everyday Justice

Julie Clawson is a member of our seminary community (I don't want to label her as the wife of one of my fellow students because I feel like that discredits her - kind of like that one time at CU when Laura Dern was introduced as "Ben Harper's wife" not accomplished actress and social activist. But anywho.). I haven't read her book yet because other books like Calvin's Institutes and The Bible seem to have taken priority in my life, but she has spoken to our community about the book and I saw an excerpt for it in Sojourners magazine so I have a feeling it is full of some pretty great stuff.

Sweet Leaf Tea

I discovered this magical beverage at UCCS where it was sold in the cafe and I fell in love and developed an addiction. My friend Josh told me that I was mistakenly born in Colorado and that my heart belonged in the South because I loved sweet tea. I guess you could say that Sweet Leaf is part of the reason why I felt called to the South after college and starting thinking about living there later in life as well. I just recently found out that it is made right here in Austin, TX! I don't want to admit to how much time I've wasted on their website, but I recommend checking it out because it is fun. Love their ideology.

The Rocketboys

My new favorite band. I've become friends with Justin who plays the keyboard and a bunch of us went to their CD release show last week. It started at midnight. On a school night. It was badass.