Friday, November 4, 2011

Cute Creation

After camping in Washington state during my fall break, I've made a vow to spend more time outside. This can be a challenge when I'm bogged down by papers and sermon writing and whatnot. So today I had an hour to fill and while I felt the urge to sit down with the sermon I'm currently working on, I decided to go outside and walk. Two dogs appreciated this option.

As I was walking dog #1, a woman stopped and said "You have a really cute dog! Can I pet her?" I responded with "Thanks! Yeah, go ahead." As soon as the word came out my mouth, it felt completely wrong. Thanks? It's so funny that I instinctively took credit for the cuteness of this dog. First of all, this isn't even my dog. She belongs to my friend who is devoting this year to service in Guatemala. Seems odd for me to take credit for my friend's dog's cuteness.

And then I thought, but even if this were my dog, it's still odd for me to be taking credit for her cuteness. I mean, it's not like the woman said "Way to go! You adopted a really cute dog!" If she had complimented my choice of dog, that would be one thing. But she was complimenting the dog itself. I can't really take credit for this lil hairball full of love and cuteness. I didn't have anything to do with her creation.

So as I walked away from this encounter I thought of a better response: "I know! Isn't God good at making cute creations?"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I recall the first time I flew into the Austin airport, coming to visit the seminary and have my face-to-face interview with the Admissions staff. I was full of anxiety, unsure that this journey to seminary would be a good fit.

This past weekend I again flew into the Austin airport, coming "home" from my meeting with the Presbytery in Colorado to move on in the ordination process. I was full of peace, sure that this journey I'm on is a good fit.

Yes, this was a hoop to jump through, but it was also one more affirming step in the process. I'm thankful to have a community of supporters, letting me know that I'm not crazy to think that God would be calling me to ministry.