Monday, August 17, 2009

Fantastic news!

From my inbox today...

Just hours ago, we heard big news that proves that miracles do happen!

The U.S. Supreme Court granted Troy Davis the chance to finally present crucial evidence in court that may prove his innocence.

Until now, Troy has been denied the opportunity to present all the facts supporting his case. But after a 6-2 ruling from the nation's highest court, Troy will get that chance at justice we've been fighting for since day one.

The power that we've seen building behind Troy's case is awe-inspiring. Your heart-felt emails, letters, phone calls and actions are opening doors that many said were shut for good.

It's working. But we won't stop pushing until Troy Davis is granted clemency!

Right now, Troy Davis sits on death row. So keep telling his story to those who haven't heard it. Keep hoping for more miracles, because given today's news, it's clear – anything is possible!

We can't say it enough – thank you,

Laura Moye
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Was the Highest Woman in Boulder

My brother and I plan to knock out a few 14ers this month so I thought I better start conditioning for it. Here is an account of yesterday's adventure.

The Goal: Bear Peak West Ridge (8461 ft. - highest point in Boulder)

I don't remember seeing so many wildflowers in Colorado. Ever!

The view of Boulder from the top...

...and the continental divide.

All in all a great hike! I've heard the trail is always crowded, but I didn't see a soul all the way up. I hung out at the top for a while and finally saw some folks when I started the descent. The solitude made for some quality worship time which was much needed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How do I sum it all up?

My AmeriCorps year has ended with mixed emotions. Part of me wants to stick around for another year, but I know that would be a poor choice. I'm glad I have my new life in Austin to look forward to, otherwise I'd be dwelling in my emotions. Here is a list- an attempt to sum up the year (I think Erin did this at some point, so props to her for the idea!)

1- The number of months I lasted as a volunteer coordinator before realizing it was boring and I wanted to work with the kids.
2- How many times I ran our short bus into things. Once causing a significant amount of damage, the other time caused no damage but was very embarrassing with a bus full of kids who will never forget it.
3- the number of "compliments" from kids I received this year: "You have Grinch fingers" "Are you pregnant?" "You look like you were raised on a farm". Kids say the darnedest things.
4- How many supervisors I had. Oy Vey.
5- The number of times I had to vacuum Flamin' Hot Cheetos out of my car
9- How many years these kids still have to go in the program. Long journey.
11- The number of months I got to spend with some pretty terrific kids
16- The number of AmeriCorps I got to work with
46- The number of Dreamers who impacted me more than they'll ever realize.