Monday, February 9, 2009

The Original City

The Gulf Coast has been on my heart something fierce lately. The last time I was there was in March which was a trip full of emotions because I didn't allow enough time to pass after my time was up there. My year with PDA/YAV/Mission Year was amazing and confusing and heartbreaking. Now that more time has passed and I've sorted through those emotions, I would love to return.

I found out about a really cool event that is taking place next month and while I would love to go, I can't afford to take time off work. I thought I would put the link on here in case anyone else is interested. It sound fantastic and I'm jealous if any of you get to go. Leroy Barber is speaking, so you know it's gonna be good:)

The Original City

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wishful Makeuping

I've been debating about whether or not to post about the following topic and have decided to go ahead and post, with the possibility of removing it later.

There's been some guy drama in my life lately. I don't want to post the specifics on the world wide web (call or email to request the juicy details-or to read the poem I co-wrote with my friend Vodka), in order to protect the pride of the guy in this situation. I can't say it has been the most enjoyable experience, but I've learned a lot through the process. I have to admit I feel much more confident after this experience and have realized that I'm not as lonely as I thought I was. For a while I told myself I'd rather spend time with a jerk than be alone. Now that I've spent time with a jerk, I'm satisfied with my single status!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things

At first I was really annoyed by the "25 Things" note that has been circulating Facebook, but now I kind of like the idea. Rather than post there, I've decided to post it here, partly because I'm weaning myself off Facebook (Thanks Bryce for the inspiration) and partly because the people I care about most read this blog (particularly my cabinet of advisers- you ladies know who you are). Here are my 25 things.

1. I just had my phone interview with the admissions person at Austin Theological Seminary and am beginning to realize that the paths in life that scare the shit out of me are usually the best ones to take.
2. I was the first girl at Lincoln Preschool to get a timeout for kissing a boy in class.
3. When I'm sick I like to throw my used tissues near the trashcan, but not in the trashcan until I'm healthy. I don't really know why, but I do love to see how many Kleenex's I can go through.
4. I'm planning a trip to Prince Edward Island with my friend Jessie to visit "The Land of Anne". I'm secretly hoping to meet my own Gilbert there.
5. My biggest pet peeve is women/girls/teens/tweens who are thin to begin with, but claim they're too fat.
6. My VHS tapes of Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version) are starting to wear out.
7. During my three years in college, I lived in 6 different dorms/apartments.
8. I desperately want to move back to the South and wouldn't mind ending up in Jackson, MS.
9. I'll be spending Valentine's Day in Washington D.C. What could be more romantic than spending that day in the capital of the country I'm starting fall in love with?
10. I am notorious for keeping library books way past their due date, which is why I still work at the library in order to keep the perk of no overdue fines.
11. My first CDs were Shania Twain, Seal and TLC.
12. I do fine with public speaking in most venues (PDA camp, tutor trainings/presentations etc.), except for my church. Not sure why that is.
13. I can't keep plants alive.
14. I woke up at 4:30 this morning (on my own, no alarm clock) because I couldn't wait to watch last night's episode of LOST online. Pathetic.
15. I've skied since I was 6 years old, but I still hate black diamond runs.
16. I'm a big believer in kindred spirits and bosom friends.
17. I own three pairs of Crocs, but didn't pay for any of them and never wear them anymore.
18. The IRS only knows about 4 of the 7 jobs I had last year.
19. I HATE the word suckle.
20. I normally don't read self-help books, but I'm currently reading He's Just Not That Into You and am surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.
21. I could be perfectly content with eating the exact same thing every day- I love consistency.
22. I only wash my hair once or twice a week because I find it too much of a hassle. It is great for saving money on shampoo, but I think I might have more friends if I washed it more often.
23. I can't remember what I did on my 23rd birthday, which was only 8 months ago.
24. I got a gift certificate to a spa, but I don't really like to be touched by strangers. I booked a manicure appointment thinking it will be the least uncomfortable treatment.
25. I'm the type of person who has a few very close friends (vs. a person with many not-so-close friends), but muh dawg Chloe ranks #1.